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Rehearsal Dinners

Rehearsal Dinners

Hilton understands how planning a rehearsal dinner requires more consideration than it used to.

Many of today's couples are forgoing more traditional sit-down dinners in favor of casual, relaxing affairs. They are inviting more than just the wedding party. And they are deciding to hold the event two days prior to the wedding rather than the night before.

Hilton's staff will meet your needs, regardless of which path you choose, by providing the appropriate venue to accommodate all your guests and a delightful meal that meets your highest expectations.

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Rehearsal Dinner Tip:

If you plan a small wedding, consider inviting everyone to the rehearsal dinner. Your out-of-town guests and closest friends who are not a part of the ceremony will appreciate the gesture.

If providing for everyone just isn't possible, consider handing out movie tickets to the uninvited guests — or plan a separate cocktail party just for them.