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You could save 10-30% by booking your wedding during off-peak times. Check out our hotels that offer special rates during the off-season.

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Rehearsal Dinners


There are many ways to celebrate your love. Let Hilton make each gathering special in its own unique way through the right combination of venues, menus and quality service.

Engagement Party

Some traditionalists believe the bride's mother should host this event, but more couples are taking it upon themselves to spread the joyous news. Our planners will gladly help you (or your mother) stage a formal dinner, cocktail hour, brunch — or whatever function you'd like to celebrate the day.

Bridal and Couples Showers

Spare your friends the extra work and have your shower with us.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

A day at one of our hotel spas, or a round of golf at one of our championship courses, may be just the thing to help both bride and groom relax before the big day.

Other Events

An attendants' party is a good way to say 'thanks' to your closest friends and relatives for working so hard to make your day memorable. You may also want to use this time to give your attendants their personal gifts.

A cocktail party is another great option for bringing guests together before the wedding. It also serves as an attractive alternative for those friends and family who were not invited to the rehearsal dinner.

Farewell Brunch

The day after all the festivities is a fantastic time to hold one final get-together, especially if you and your newly wedded aren't leaving for your honeymoon right away. This can be an all-comers affair, or just a special time for you and your spouse to decompress.

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Parties tip:

Can't find a way to get everything done? Enlist the help of your friends to meet those last-minute chores. But make it fun: organize a "working party."