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For further assistance, email us or call the hotel that is hosting the group event.

My group is coming in to the same hotel on multiple dates, can these dates be reflected on the web page?
Yes, you can have multiple dates listed on one web page in most cases. At this time you cannot do this online, please have your hotel contact start the process with the Hotel Content Team.
How much does it cost? Are there any additional fees?
If you have booked a group or event with one of our hotels, this is a complementary service provided to you. There are no additional fees.
Can I create a web page for my event that is booked at multiple hotels?
Yes. Currently we only allow one hotel location per page when creating online. If your group event includes more than one hotel location, you can:

1) Begin creating your Group Web Page using the information from any one of your hosting hotels. At the end of the process is an "Additional Comments" section where you can provide the information for the second hotel (Property Code, Group Code and Dates). We will then add that hotel to your Group Web Page so guests can view available rooms at all hotels being used for your event.


2) If you have already set up a Personalized Group Web Page and you wish to add an additional hotel you can send us an email with the Hotel Property Codes, Group Codes and Dates for the hotels where your group event is being held. We will then add the additional hotel(s) to your existing web page.
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Do I have to create this web page online?
No, you do not have to create this page online. Call your hotel and provide them with the information needed and they will create the page for you, then send you the web address when it is ready.
Do my guest have to use this web page to book rooms?
No, your guests may 1) call the hotel directly, 2) call the 1-800 number for toll free reservations or use the online reservations module.
How do I make my guests aware of my group web page?
Simply copy and paste the URL we send you into a new email and send to your guests. You may also post the link on another web site with information about your group or event.
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Can I track the guests who have booked via my web page?
Yes, using your group and hotel property code, you can set up your group event in Guest List Manager to monitor bookings and cancellations.
Can I make a separate web page for this same group event?
No, we currently only allow one web page per group event.
How long will my web page be available online?
Your web page will be taken offline on the Check-out day of your group. This date may be changed by calling the hotel.
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Is it possible for me to have my own domain name for this site?
No, we will be providing a specific URL for your web page.
Do I have to know any HTML coding to create my web page?
No, we create the page for you based on the group event information you give us.
Why can I not see the web page I have created?
Once you have submitted your web page for approval, it will be published to the web immediately after our content team approves the content of the web page. You will receive an email with your web address once it has been approved and published.
When you submitted your web page for approval, you should have received a Confirmation email noting the specific period of time it may take us to review and publish your web page. If that time period has passed, and you have not received your web address, please email inquiring about the status of your order.
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I need to make changes to my web page, how can I do that?
After submitting your web page, you cannot edit the web page online. Please email your changes and be sure to reference your group name, hotel and dates within the email to help us provide a faster turnaround to your changes.
What if I do not have any images or photos to upload to my site?
Images are optional and the template is designed to look and function the same if you do or do not provide photos or images.
Is there a size limitation to my photos I can upload to my page?
Yes, each photo that you upload must be no more than 300 pixels X 300 pixels and no larger than 30k. For PC users, you can right click on the image file, go to Properties, and view the file size.
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